• Italian Night

    A rich variety of Italian indulgence awaits for those who love Italian cuisine at Bellagio Colombo on 29th July 2017....

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  • Battle Of The Spin!

    Are you a good at Roulette game? A massive opportunity to win BIG at Bellagio Colombo’s Roulette tournament – Battle Of The Spin!...

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  • Weekend Carnival

    Bellagio Colombo is all set to celebrate this year’s IPL victory in style with the fun Weekend Carnival. Brazilian’s dancers will be bringing the stage...

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Ishiqui Jugnu – Bollywood Blockbuster, Night of Divas

  • IMG_2417
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Spectators at Bellagio Colombo were left amazed by the Bollywood bombshell Ishiqui Jugnu’s electrifying dance show. Take a tour through the album, if you missed it live!