• Bellagio Colombo’s 19th anniversary Grand Draw

    gives you a massive opportunity to win big during our grand 19th anniversary celebration on 30th, 31st March & 1st April 2018....

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  • Roshni Twinkle

    will be performing live at Bellagio Colombo during our grand 19th-anniversary celebration. The celebration will be held on 30th, 31st March & 1st April 2018....

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  • Tanoura Dance

    The colourful and mesmerising Egyptian dance act – Tanoura is back at Bellagio Colombo for our grand 19th anniversary celebration....

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Ishiqui Jugnu – Bollywood Blockbuster, Night of Divas

  • IMG_2417
  • IMG_2424
  • IMG_2431
  • IMG_2439
  • IMG_2440
  • IMG_2452
  • IMG_2462
  • IMG_2464
  • IMG_2385
  • IMG_2393
  • IMG_2408
  • IMG_2413
  • IMG_2543
  • IMG_2476
  • IMG_2514
  • IMG_2517
  • IMG_2536

Spectators at Bellagio Colombo were left amazed by the Bollywood bombshell Ishiqui Jugnu’s electrifying dance show. Take a tour through the album, if you missed it live!

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