• Doom Machale – Sneha Gupta

    The dancing sensation Sneha Gupta is all set to rock the stage at Bellagio Colombo’s Doom Machale show on 29th September 2017. Be sure to...

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  • Doom Machale – Deepali Saini

    Indian TV actress Deepali Saini is ready to turn heads with her electrifying dance performance at Bellagio Colombo. She will be performing on 30th Sept...

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  • Doom Machale – Govinda

    Bollywood’s well-celebrated and legendary actor Govinda is performing at Bellagio Colombo’s Doom Machale show on the 01st of Oct 2017....

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Ishiqui Jugnu – Bollywood Blockbuster, Night of Divas

  • IMG_2417
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Spectators at Bellagio Colombo were left amazed by the Bollywood bombshell Ishiqui Jugnu’s electrifying dance show. Take a tour through the album, if you missed it live!