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Bellagio Colombo, a premier gaming arena established in 1998, is the leading Casino in Sri Lanka and is a popular nightlife venue for tourists.

Situated in a central location in the city of Colombo, Bellagio Colombo is renowned for its range of services and facilities offered to the guests, regardless of whether they are new or returning visitors.

Bellagio Colombo has successfully achieved a remarkable reputation within the gaming industry due to the quality, flexibility and reliability in all of our offerings. Being one of the largest and most dazzling gaming facilities in Sri Lanka, Bellagio offers an incredible array of gaming options in a vibrant and sophisticated setting.

The range of games offered at Bellagio Colombo include Three Card Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Sic Bo, and slot machines.

With regular promotional draws, events, cultural celebrations and festive nights, guests of Bellagio Colombo are treated to a wide array of spectacle throughout the year, in addition to the variety of entertainment acts held on a daily basis.

The experience at Bellagio Colombo is not limited to games and entertainment items, as the casino also boasts of world class restaurants and a bar. All our offerings are presented by the well experienced staff, who are ever-ready to make sure you’re having the ultimate gaming experience.

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With a range of leading casino games and great rewards to go with them, we offer the best casino and gaming experience in Colombo. The cultural shows and special draws held all year long add to the spectacle of what we stand for. Along with the restaurants, daily entertainment items and other facilities, the highly experienced staff is prepared to make your stay a memorable one for years to come.

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The members of Bellagio Colombo are entitles to a high-class casino experience. With loads of rewards and exclusive benefits, the members are offered superior service throughout their stay at the casino.


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