• 20th Anniversary Celebration – Jasleen Matharu

    20th Anniversary Celebration – Jas

    A fabulous dance performance from Jasleen Matharu at Bellagio Colombo’s 20th Anniversary celebration....


  • 20th Anniversary Celebration – Bandagi Kalra

    20th Anniversary Celebration – Ban

    Bandagi Kalra energetic dance performance was the center of 20th Anniversary Celebration at Bellagio Colombo....


  • 20th Anniversary Celebration – Mahek Chahal & Ashmit Patel

    20th Anniversary Celebration – Mah

    Mesmerising dance performance from Mahek Chahal & Ashmit Patel made the 20th Anniversary celebration a remarkable one!...


  • Bikini Fashion Tour 15 – 17 Feb

    Bikini Fashion Tour 15 – 17 Feb

    Truly a joyful Valentine’s Day celebration at Bellagio Colombo with the breathtaking bikini fashion show and mesmerizing Ukraine dance acts!...


  • Elli AvrRam – Republic Day Celebration at Bellagio Colombo

    Elli AvrRam – Republic Day Celebra

    Watch Elli AvrRam dancing at her very best at Bellagio Colombo’s Republic Day Celebration....


  • Sana Khan – Republic Day Celebration Bellagio Colombo

    Sana Khan – Republic Day Celebrati

    Bollywood fame, Sana Khan’s energetic dance performance was the center of Indian Republic day celebration at Bellagio Colombo....


  • Sonia Shill – Republic Day Celebration at Bellagio Colombo

    Sonia Shill – Republic Day Celebra

    Talented dancer Sonia Shill showed her passion for dancing with a phenomenal performance at Bellagio Colombo’s Indian Republic Day Celebration....


  • Neetu Wadhwa – Republic Celebration at Bellagio Colombo

    Neetu Wadhwa – Republic Celebratio

    Audience at Bellagio Colombo were amazed by Bollywood fame Neetu Wadhwa’s fun-filled dance act!...


  • December To Remember 2018 – Shefali Zariwala

    December To Remember 2018 – Shefal

    Epic dace performance by Bollywood actress Shefali Zariwala at Bellagio Colombo....